The Willing Lady is resting outside her house under the old apple tree surrounded by the fresh greenness of the Swedish summer.

She starts changing her clothes and takes a walk down the road.

There is a dominant woman waiting with a birch in her hand and the Willing Lady will taste what she needs to taste and what she has to get.

She changes many times to new dresses and walks along the road of agony . And again and again the birch dances on her soft, reddening buttocks.

Later they both enter the house where fresh and supple birches twigs hang on the walls waiting and longing for carrying out the disciplinarian work according to the rules of the art.

And certainly the day will end with a spanking which is just the way a real hard spanking should be.

60 min

The price for The Willing Lady (# 11) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40 - sek 500
The same for VHS and DVD

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