How to use the birch!

In "The Swedish Model"
different ways of using the birch are shown.

How you can hang it on the wall for everyone to see it.

How it can be put into water in a floor vase and other ways of keeping it as decoration.

You will witness the wanting female bottoms put over the knee, tasting the birch.

Sometimes the women lean over a sofa or they lay on a cushion making the bottoms even more accessible.

  You will witness bottoms flying up in the air and getting their lashes in a perfect spanking scene. You will also see how you can spank two women at the same time  



Being spanked when others are watching is a wholesome experience.

The same can be said about the importance of having the woman herself getting the birch which is going to be used on her bottom.

You will see all of this in
" The Swedish Model."

In "The Swedish Model" birching is often combined in various ways with standing in the corner.

Double feature - two one hour videos on the same cassette!

60 + 60 min

The price for The Swedish Model (# 29) is:

$ 94 - eur 75 - £ 52 - sek 700
The same for VHS and DVD

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