A spanking video of the very best kind.

A typical Swedish tale with a varity of gorgeous Swedish girl rumps.

In this wonderful story you will find what appears as the most typical of Swedish way of life.

Spanking with pure Swedish birch rods.

Spanking as it was performed on the countryside years ago.

Spanking as it can be given in a small red house following old spanking traditions.

The wonderful forested free Swedish scenery.

And also hand spanking, caning
and other little nice things.

The narrative of Spankington's House is intense, surprising and varied.

You will take part in what happened in old days when careless maids and obstinate young wives got a good spanking on their round buttocks.

And nowadays .. when a modern, curious stubborn woman gets involved in hot trouble: suddenly she finds herself over the knee, wildly kicking, with her bottom high in the air.

The scene is a room where she is alone with a determined man that thoroughly handles her ass. But there are also many other occasions. For instance when some amused and satisfied viewers taking look.

The price for Spankington's House (# 12) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40
The same for VHS and DVD

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