A weekly spanking as a preventive means......a good suggestion.
In one part of Smack and Spank you can see how the master of the house gives his wife and daughters a beating a week in order to avoid fuss and sour looks.

Spanking Disco isn't very common. But in Smack and Spank there are nevertheless some girls making it happen on an ordinary Friday evening. Deliciously wrapped in net, they let the inciting music mix with their own movements and with biting lashes on each others bottoms.
In the drill-spanking, he makes her follow perfectly....

Stand up. Lay yourself up, put your hands on your buttocks, open up your rump, the rod bites in five fast burning lashes, close your rump, away with the hands, get into the corner, stand up, lay yourself up, put your hands....It goes on and on with a hard pace.... in a few minutes it adds up to many times in the corner and equally many times of lashes on the well opened girl-buttocks. A gorgeous show of girls training.

There is this and much more delightful smacking and spanking
for you in Smacking and Spanking.

60 min

The price for Smack and Spank (# 48) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40 - sek 500
The same for VHS and DVD

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