Learn the secrets on how to train a woman into obedience and submissiveness! Here in this exciting film the Master is well on the way. But he wants to make her even more compliant so he lets the whip work on her round ass until she obeys!

Next day he orders her to pace the room up and down. Then a session over his knee where she is spanked by hand and to the corner where she will stay for a while and feel ashamed. Up and down again she is ordered around with his finger-snapping as the sole command.

A week later she performs exactly the
way he wants it. He tumbles her around
and manipulates her psychologically
until she does not know the difference
between dream and reality.

A strong film and sensual film
about spanking training !

60 min

The price for The Rear Part (# 13) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40 - sek 500
The same for VHS och DVD

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