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Hans Scheike

Swedens most notorious and
charismatic spanker!
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Hans Scheike famous spanker

Spanking of a different kind. Spanking in a new way. Spanking as an obvious erotic spice in the everyday situation. Spanking as a part of the dynamic and ritual meeting between man and woman as a highlights of the week!

This is how Hans Scheike lives with his women on the outskirts of Kopparberg, a small village in Sweden, surrounded by great forests and half- forgotten ore-mines. An intellectual fellowship between one man and four women. A fellowship which is both different and noticed. Some people find the arrangement extremely provocative - others find it most admirable. The commotion is, perhaps, not all that difficult to understand. The systematic practice of bare-bottomed spanking and birchings of women, as a natural part of everyday life along with the regular housework, is not all that common in Sweden...

Hans' life with his four women: Agneta, Brita, Helene and Therese is otherwise very, very Swedish. For example, the red, oldfashioned house in which they live, the dense forest and the murmuring river just around the corner, but also the roe deers and the elks that pass by in the twilight belong to many people's picturesque view of Sweden.
  Hans is one of Sweden's most competent and famous graphologists. His charisma and deep wisdom along with his ability to arouse enthusiasm have made him a guide to many people seeking for a richer and more natural life.

In the hot and enticing spanking-videos that Hans and his women produce you are invited to participate in the intense relation between man and woman. You will experience true sexual power and demony as the man-as-master releases his profound lust to chastise the women into docility. You experience the woman's deep satisfaction and her sensation of liberation as well as her feeling of complete perfection, as she abandons herself completely to her true master.

A saying, by which Hans has lived for many years, is: "A woman should be chastised into freedom and subdued into courage." The practical realization of this saying has made Hans's women free, independent, strong, concious, mature and also given them a lust for life.

Hans Scheike and his women
  Being spanked with birchtwigs on one's bottom as an effective and wholesome method of upbringing and chastisement, has old traditions in Sweden. This, "The Swedish Model", is a tradition in which Hans truly believes. Therefore, in all his films, you can see many nuanced and necessary ways in which birchtwigs can be used. However, variation is always positive; sometimes there might be use for a hand-spanking and other times a whip , riding-crop or a rattan-cane is used.

In the traditions of "The Swedish Model" there was not solely the man who took care of what had to be delivered with the help of a birching. Housewifes and mothers also used it extensively when maids and daughters in the household were too wilful or stubborn. The way in which the birchtwigs can be used among women is also being realized in Hans' circle. This is pictured in a dramatical, playful and frisky yet benevolent way in some of the videos that you can buy. An old and exciting tradition made new - that is what you get.

"The Swedish Model" is "The natural way" to upbringing and chastisement which, through liberation and enrichment in life, lead to maturity, selftrust and harmony. This is true both for the master who spanks as well as for the woman who receives a tanning
  Hans Scheike