A potpurri comprises
the best of what you like and are longing for.

This potpurrod is something of that kind but more intense and varied - in a marvelous, shifting, powerful mixture.

Potpurrod is like a potpurri - a mixture of birching, girl buttocks, sudden spankings, planned moments of corporal punishments, naked swinging asses, willingness and lust, girl training and many other delicacies for spanking fans like us.

60 min

Brief episodes and longer passages are taken together in Potpurrod. The scenes are rapidly changing and trigger our fantasy. . . .
Intense, penetrating, joyful, charged,
surprising, commanding . . .

The spanking scenes in Potpurrod are truly shifting. But there may be found a common denominator:
The Naturalness. This is just the way it should be! This is how the spanking will be revolting and liberating. This is how the spanking enriches our everyday life. This is how the spanking strengthens the man who is delivering and the woman who is receiving.

The price for Potpurrod (# 36) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40 - sek 500
The same for VHS and DVD

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