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How to buy Spanking Videos
from Livslust Sweden!

Choose one of this easy way to order.

Cash payment

Enclose payment, state item no of the ordered DVD according to List of videos,
your name and complete address, also your e-mail address if you have one.
If you want to be absolutely safe send it as registred letter.
We will then ship your video(s) to you by Priority Mail (or Air for overseas
customers) in small unmarked boxes.

Bank payment
Pre-pay your DVD through the bank´s service.

It is very easy. Do a Swift payment to our Bank Account.
You can pay to our account with your credit card.
And we have your payment in a few days and we can ship your videos prompt.

Our bank account at Livslust Sweden is:

BIC/IBAN: HANDSESS / SE60 6000 0000 0006 0069 9218

(Bank address: Svenska Handelsbanken, SE-106 07 STOCKHOLM/Sweden)

Write also a letter or an e-mail with your address
and your choise of video and send separately

If you have any questions
or something you will tell us - mail to:

or Write a letter to:
Livslust Sweden AB
Stjernfors 213
SE-714 93 Kopparberg

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