Prepare for...MULTIPLICITY!
Close encounters of a different kind...with a multitude of innovative spanking scenes!

Meet Hans Scheike and his four women in real-life, totally authentic and unrestrained spanking scenes.

Enjoy the extremely exciting and uncommon treat of four sexy women laying close together on a large bed with their exposed bottoms ready for spanking! They will all taste the birch simultaneously!!


See them walking towards their master, one by one, barefoot and dressed in tight shirts which they must pull up on command to get five flexible whip-lashes on their bare asses. They make the "chastisement walk" over and over again. One girl after the other. With more severe lashes each time!

Don´t miss the hot serial-spanking that happened on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago - a real highlight for those who like to get, give and see real life ass-spanking!

All this hot stuff and a whole lot more is featured in the top notch Swedish punishment video MULTIPLICITY!

 "Multiplicity" is a collection of episodes,
spread out and splitted into two 60 minutes movies

Double feature - two one hour videos on the same cassette!

The price for Multiplicity (# 26) is:

$ 94 - eur 75 - £ 52 - sek 700
The same for VHS and DVD

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