Some people say that giving is more satisfying than receiving.

But receiving can also be a source of both pain and pleasure...

In this erotic spank-feast one girl spanks one of the others and later both girls get punished by a third ...

..and the first one will have it from a fourth girl in an eternal circle of spanking hands and receiving buttocks when these women release their lust for punishment.

And they know for sure
how to handle a birch!

Weeell, they are mighty skillful in handling it manually and using the riding crop too!

Lots of role-playing games and
fetish clothes in this fun-packed
erotic spank-o-rama!

90 min

The price for Feed Back (# 15) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40 - sek 500
The same for VHS and DVD

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