See the young beauty in her long gown in the magic room, awaiting the man who will take possession of her with his power and his whips.


There’s the natural morning whipping, in bed with the experienced man that likes to birch her tenderly, exposing her young flesh, all of it, to the cool air of the morning and the eye of the camera.

There is the beautiful 20 year old Lash stripping in 10 seconds, over and over again, just because her Master wants her to, and prostrating herself for a concluding tickling of her bottom by the spray of birch twigs.

The ritual meeting between the willing young woman and the carpet beater, administered in the room with the 23 mirrors.

The woman in riding breeches pursued by the man with his dressage whip and a purpose…

And Swedish blonde Stina in the opening in the forest, getting a taste of the birch-rod that she had to pick herself.

60 + 60 min
Double feature - two one hour videos
on the same cassette!

The price for the "Exquisite view from the bottom" (# 42) is:

$ 94 - eur 75 - £ 52 - sek 700
The same for VHS and DVD

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