This is a true story about a young woman. She is one of these girls between 18 and 20 that long for someone to look after them, to correct their ways, to chastise them.

She has been longing to be spanked throughout her life.
When he told her to come for a Week of Dressage, she did, but not without anguish.

She was nervous, but tempted, indeed compelled.

She had many questions buzzing around in her pretty head, but all the answers involved going for this experience.

She knew she would undress, she would bare her bottom, she would submit to the biting birch, to the orders of the Master. She would kneel up when asked, she would walk naked on the leash and drape herself over a rock, with a blanket for comfort, with just the essentials exposed. And that was not all.

Mind-boggling, overwhelming, challenging was the experience, coupled with release from the heaviness, the burdens and the difficulties.

There was tenderness, liberation, closeness, and a creative intensity.

See for yourself the development of this young woman!

90 min

The price for The Dressage Week (# 53) is:

$ 68 - eur 55 - £ 40 - sek 500
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