"Delight" is an invitation to participate as a viewer during our everyday rituals. Unique happenings and episodes that the man/master arranges and creates for lust and pleasure.

"Delight" displays forceful and intensive erotic encounters between the Man/master and the women.

Ritual encounters where women get thoroughly spanked on their bare asses - as they are dressed in their most beautiful evening dresses.

  Experience the "Delight" in an everyday situation when He comes into the kitchen and feels strong lust. Lust to give her a good and sound spanking with the birch on her luscious rear. And so he does!

  The casual outdoors meeting when he passes by the small lake where one of the beautiful women is going to take a nude swim. There and then He starts to use and  abuse her ass. You´ll hear her whine - mixed with the wind playing on the waves. See  her buttocks turn red - accompanied with tears and cries that sounds like the shrieks of hungry seagulls.

Pure "Delight!! The final dramatical encounter where two pretty women are suffering over and over from the lashes of a hardbiting whip!!

So "Delight" you too - in the creation of more and more red stripes on their full bottoms!

 "Delight" is a collection of short stories,
spread out and splitted into two 60 minutes movies

Double feature - two one hour videos on the same cassette!

The price for Delight (# 20) is:

$ 94 - eur 75 - £ 52 - sek 700
The same for VHS and DVD

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