Chastise and Tame

is a theme with variations. The awfully good results are obvious when looking at the different spanking events in Chastise and Tame.

After the elegant and determined lady of the house has revealed her lazy maid, there are no excuses. She has no choice but to fold up her skirt, pull down her knickers and put her ample rump over the edge of the table and wait while the lady fetches her cane.

The lady and her interested woman-friend see to it that it turns into a bottom spanking according to the rules of the game. And with good result.


You'll see the cocky and stubborn horse girl transform into a fairly nice young maid. She's chastised and tamed. Cause she has no choice!

A sharp riding-whip doesn't mind she struggle of a girls buttocks. It just makes the job.

Grandma sure is an experienced spanker, no mistake about that.
It's also obvious that she knows how healthy it is for wilful young ladies to stand in the corner.

It's wonderful seeing her chastise and tame with an old fashioned rod of birch-twigs. And with good results as well.

Oh yes, there are many to be chastised and tamed in this video.
All the different bottoms have to taste just enough for ensuring a good result.

"Chastise and Tame" is a collection of short stories,
spread out and splitted into two 60 minute movies
Double feature - two one hour videos on the same cassette!

The price for Chastise and Tame (# 23) is:

$ 94 - eur 75 - £ 52 - sek 700
The same for VHS and DVD

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